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Show Art Group Ltd. has been 25 years since its foundation in Hong Kong in 1989, pioneered in venturing the China Market in 1996. Show Art specializes in retail solution, our services are inclusive to its largest extend from customizing retail image branding to commercial display, as well as creative designing, product research and development, manufacturing, installation, etc. As we stand as a leading role for our industry within China and are internationally reputable, we are proud that we are able to perform in high standard to tailor-made for the needs of our clients. Show Art not only reach its business in China, Hong Kong and Macao, also across Asia, and several countries in Europe.

Each projects well managed through our customer service team, delivering our client’s request in close collaboration with our design, production and installation team. We believe honesty and upholding to our promises are essential in our commercial collaboration, and that we are facilitating our clients requests on multi-level of visual merchandising. Services include: Visual merchandising, creative designing for commercial spaces and branding, product research and development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of display products for import and export.


Show Art helps brands to make merchandising tools to estalish the retail channels throughout China, HK & Macao everyday.


Show Art is able to install your shops, counters, and display props anywhere in China, HK and Macao anytime during/around the year.


Thanks to our branding team, definition and creating brand image for new brands and development of branding for existing brands.


Thanks to 3 factories in China, Show Art finishes its production of counters & props according to different areas.


Show Art is able to install your shops, counters, and display props anywhere in China, HK and Macao anytime during/around the year.


Thanks to our design team, Show Art designs visual identity, packaging, merchandising, image visual, shop counters, display props, etc.

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Outstanding Team in 2020 (GUERLAIN)
LOREAL Best Partner Award 2022
2022 Best Potential Award
Contract Credit Rating Certificate
WEC Certificate



1. Major in industrial design or arts, at least 5 years of work experiences in related fields, bachelor degree or above.

2. More than 3 years in the work of merchandising props design, proficiency in using different design softwares.

3. Unique opinions for merchandising props design; ability to catch the clients’ demand, illustrate their ideas, and design the product to meet their satisfaction; high quality and high efficiency to finish the design task.

4. Have penetrating insight and mature judgement of market trends, to capture dynamic market information and convert to creative design.

Project Manager

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in project management or the similar.

2. More than 3 years of project management experiences.

3. Good plan and executive capacity, excellent coordination and interpersonal ability.

4. Self-motivated, strong team player with high responsibility, able to handle stronger work under pressure.

5. Exhibition and display experience is preferred.

If interested, please submit your resume to email:



+86 (021) 31597066


2nd floor, Building 3, No. 799, Shanlian Rd., Baoshan Dist., Shanghai, China





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